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PDC; 1st Floor; Room 113, West Wall

Flock of Loons

Norval Morrisseau
GVSU Collection
Reproduction Print
Artworks;Frames - Height: 5.75 in;11 in Width: 7 in;14 in
Note: Mat dimensions
A flock of blue and yellow loons against an orange and red background with a yellow sun.
Historical Context:
"As an Ojibway Indian living like a nomad on the the northwest shores of Lake Superior, Norval Morrisseau started painting in 1959, after he received a 'vision' telling him to do so. He is the first Indian to break tribal rules and actually draw out legends and design representative shapes to illustrate his folklore. In 1960 he was discovered by Jack Pollock, an art dealer, who bought 42 Morrisseau paintings and sold them all almost instantly. Morrisseau was the founder of an art movement popularly called Woodland Indian Art." -Canadian Art Prints and Winn Devon Group. This piece was purchased at the Art Gallery of Ontario.