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Print and Drawing Cabinet; Flat File 1, Drawer 1

Nurturing Raven

Joe Mandur Jr.
GVSU Collection
Reproduction Print
Artworks;Artworks - Height: 7.75 in;14 in Width: 5.5 in;11 in
Note: Mat Dimensions
A black, red, and aqua crest of an adult raven feeding a young raven.
Historical Context:
"Joe Mandur Jr. is an artist experienced with the mediums of stone, wood, metal and paper. He began carving in 1979, as a novice, working with carvers in the Pacific Northwest of British Columbia. Later, he attended the Kitanmax School of Northwest Coast Art in Hazelton for three years, graduating in 1997. 'Art gives voice to the conformist and non-conformist in his personality; his intelligence and wit shine through in his pieces. I am honored to be able to speak the language of Northwest Coast Art. When I work, time passes quickly, and yet, the work has an eternal quality of the spirit and will speak to many people'." -Winn Devon Art Group and Canadian Art Prints. This piece was purchased from the Art Gallery of Ontario.