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Stormy Weather

Frederick Varley
GVSU Collection
Reproduction Print
Artworks;Frames - Height: 5.5 in;11 in Width: 7 in;14 in
Note: Mat dimensions
A stormy coastline with a tree blowing in the wind.
Historical Context:
Frederick Varley studied painting at Sheffield and Antwerp and went to work in London as a commercial illustrator. In 1912 he came to Canada, where he found himself working in the same commercial studio as Tom Thomson. With Thomson and others he took to painting northern Ontario landscapes. In 1926 Varley moved to Vancouver to become Head of Drawing, Painting & Composition at the newly formed Vancouver School of Decorative & Applied Arts. Over the next few years he painted a number of very interesting portraits and some powerful west coast landscapes. At the same time, his interest in mysticism and oriental philosophy flowered, and his paintings took on a more meditative cast.