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Shelf J1 (OS) -> Box 342
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IDC; Open Shelving; Section J; Shelf J1; Box 342

Makonde Figure Carving

Gift of Dr. Wayne Kinzie
African Blackwood Carving
circa 1950
Artworks - Height: 15 in Width: 5.5 in Depth: 5 in
A 15 inch wood carving of a humanoid figure.
Historical Context:
The Makonde peoples originated from the north easter corner of Mozambique but many have since migrated into southern Tanzania. Traditional Makonde carving served ritual purposes and goes back to their creation myth. In this creation story, man carves a female figure from a tree and when he leaves it standing upright overnight, she comes to life. Makonde men would carve female figures that would be kept in their huts and worshipped as deified female ancestors. Modern Makonde carving is typically is produced from dense African Blackwood allowing for intricate, highly detailed carvings with a fine finish. The work of the Makonde people reflects both the traditional, tribal past and the response to modern, urban life.