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Russell H. Kirkhof Gallery

"Wanna Dig?"

GVSU Collection
Digital Illustration Print
Artworks - Height: 21 in Width: 15 in
Three cartoon-like dogs digging in a yard.
Historical Context:
"I've chosen to create this series of illustrations about dogs because of the silly situations that I can place the three characters in as they go about their day while their masters are away. Each dog has their own personality to match their design ; a sleek, shapely chocolate brown Afghan mix who plays the role of the diva and aways gets her way, a boxy, older, and spotted Basset Hound is the grump of the bunch, and the chubby, round, orange Chow who just wants to be part of it all. Dogs are not only a special subject for me; many people see dogs as part of their family, even almost human. My work plays on the sillier side of this mentality by placing the trio in human situations with a canine twist, or a favorite doggy pastime mixed with human qualities." -Grace Carpenter