Current Location:
Shelf C12 (CS1) -> Box 284
Location Notes:
IDC; Compressed Shelving Unit 1; Section C; Shelf C12; Box 284

Rock Towers

Jessica Monroe
GVSU Collection
Digital Photograph
Frames - Height: 16 in Width: 20 in
Green forest-like landscape with rock formations. Rocks are stacked on top of each other.
Historical Context:
"The deep Irish roots of the people who have made Beaver Island their home influence every aspect of their lives. Small Irish village life is reminiscent in the daily activities , regular get-togethers and annual celebrations. Today the island relies heavily on tourism, but during the winter season the amount of tourism diminishes and the true nature of the island becomes visible. Most of the locals live on the island year-round and participate in many of the island festivities. Living up to one of the most traditional of Irish customs, many of the residents gather nightly in one of the three bars located on the island and swap stories with family and friends. Beaver Island history is deeply embedded in the walls of the buildings and in the artifacts found in the fields and forests. During my time on the island, I learned that each item and face has a story, of which I've documented in this collection of photographs. My hope is to capture the stories of the island, and to one day give this close-knit community the chance to be remembered." - Jessica Monroe