Current Location:
Section C (HHLC) -> Lower Lever (HHLC-C)
Location Notes:
HHLC; lower level; across 047C

Sunflower Cottage II

Acrylic Painting on Canvas
Artworks - Height: 47.125 in Width: 47.125 in
Historical Context:
Alfred Alexander Gockel was born in the coal mining town near Münster, Germany. He planned to become an engineer, but at the age of 16, Gockel began to work in the German coal mines at 700 meters deep. Gockel’s experience in the coal mines is a major reason why he uses self-prepared tar in his own acrylics. After spending more than two years in the army, Gockel refocused his attention on the arts and enrolled at the University of Applied Sciences Münster, Department of Design to study art and design and learned the techniques of lithography and silk-screening. On his work he states, "I like to touch the viewer’s soul with my vibrant colors. Often in my paintings I use elements that reflect my challenging past, when as a boy I worked in the coal mines. But my purpose is to express my joy in life and to show that we can overcome many obstacles through the expressions of life’s beauties.”

Getty Art and Architecture Thesaurus Terms:
acrylic paint
acrylic painting
acrylic paintings