Faculty Response:
We all strive to find meaning and make connections in our lives. It’s one of the central ways we make sense of the world we live in. Jane Hammond creates her own vocabulary of meaning from a personal collection of cyphers, symbols, and signs that she’s gathered, classified, and archived throughout her life. When looking at this work of art, my eyes immediately identify a familiar form - a clown suit. I ask myself, “Who is the clown?” Artists and clowns have disparate roles in society, but both comment on, critique, and play off our societies. How can I find more by looking, thinking, and reading this artwork? Nathan Kemler GVSU Art Gallery
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GVSU -> IDC Collection Storage
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IDC; near open shelving

William Lieberman Collection of Contemporary Art ➔ Clown Suit

3-d, 24 color lithograph and silkscreen with collage
Artworks - Height: 56 in Width: 41 in Depth: 9 in
Historical Context:
Jane Hammond is a printmaker who was educated at Mt. Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA, and the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She enjoys combining different printmaking mediums and techniques, which requires a large amount of detail work. She currently lives in New York City.

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