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JHZ; 3rd Floor; Outside Hallway into Provost's Suite

Shared Passion: A Gift of the Stuart and Barbara Padnos Foundation Collection ➔ Untitled

Patinated and polished bronze
circa 1980
Artworks - Height: 37 in Width: 25 in Depth: 24 in
Historical Context:
That the artist could work in such varying styles simultaneously is a testament to his experimental temperament as well as the pluralism of the late 1970s and early 1980s in American art. In fact, the two sculptures share a key element: their kinetic quality. Both works rotate on a central axis that causes the sculpture to produce differing relationships between positive and negative space. Twentieth century artists took sculpture off of the display pedestal and moved it increasingly into the viewers’ space in various manners. Alexander Calder experimented with movement through his mobiles as well as kinetic works, and other artists such as George Rickey and Mark di Suvero followed Calder’s lead. Kafka’s kinetic work continues this exploration of space and time in three-dimensional art.

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