Current Location:
Section 35 (VS) -> Top Shelf (VS35)
Location Notes:
IDC; Vertical Storage; Section 35; Top Shelf

Shared Passion: A Gift of the Stuart and Barbara Padnos Foundation Collection ➔ Interieure d'une Ferme (Interior of a Farm)

Watercolor and Graphite on paper
circa 1880
Artworks - Height: 4.125 in Width: 8.5 in
Historical Context:
While the Impressionists gained renown for works done entirely en plein air (in the open air), it was Eugène Boudin who encouraged a teenaged Claude Monet to leave the studio to paint in nature. Aided by new painting technologies – the invention of oil paint in tubes and collapsible, thus portable, easels – Boudin frequently worked out his composition, colors, and the play of light through a series of studies done outdoors, directly in front of the subject. He persuaded Monet to do the same. Boudin’s paintings tend to cast a wide lens and revel in the unity of groups of people in a vast landscape under an expansive sky. His sketches and studies, such as "Interieur d’une Ferme," present more intimate scenes and focus on posture, attitude, and the interaction of smaller numbers of figures.