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Shared Passion: A Gift of the Stuart and Barbara Padnos Foundation Collection
Mathias J. Alten: An American Impressionist ➔ Sailboats on Reed's Lake


[500028576] Alten, Mathias Joseph (Persons, Artists) - American painter, 1871-1938
Oil on Canvas laid on Cardboard
circa 1930
Artworks - Height: 12 in Width: 16 in
Four white sailboats in water, trees in the distance. Row boats along the shore bottom right corner of image.
Historical Context:
By the 1930’s, when he painted Sailboats on Reeds Lake, Impressionist Mathias Alten enjoyed great success as an artist and teacher. Although the sexagenarian traveled and exhibited in New York and along the East Coast, he continued to paint prolifically in his home studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Reeds Lake, in neighboring East Grand Rapids, was one of the artist’s favorite locales, and he painted its crystal blue water and curving, forested shores more than 30 times. Alten began his artistic career as a young boy. Born in 1871, he spent much of his childhood in his native Germany, where from an early age he earned money by creating portraits of his village neighbors. Alten’s family moved to Michigan in 1889, settling on the west side of Grand Rapids with many other German immigrants.
A Gift of the Stuart and Barbara Padnos Foundation
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Current Location:
GVSU ➜ PEW Campus (Grand Rapids) ➜ Richard M. DeVos Center ➜ Building E (DEV) ➜ George and Barbara Gordon Gallery ➜ Room 202 (DEV; E)
Location Notes:
DEV; 2nd Floor; Gordon Gallery