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Glenn A. Niemeyer Honors Hall -> 1st Floor (HON)
Location Notes:
HON; 1st Floor; Multi purpose room

A Boy

Victor, Mohammed and Adam
GVSU Collection
circa 2012
Artworks - Height: 20.5 in Width: 12 in
Historical Context:
OUR - STORY We are three brothers and our names are Victor, Mohammed and Adam. We are from Liberia But We are now in Ghana because of the Civil War that took place in our country. We don't know the where about of our parents, we thank God for brining us safely to Ghana. As we reach to Ghana We end up on the street for some years, And it was not easy, for us. We had to work for people before Getting a little money to buy Food for our self. We though that our life was going End up on the street, But we always pray to God and belive in him that nothing is impossible in life. One day as, we were working on hte street, a lady, came and saw us working so hard. at first she spoke to us and ask us "why are you guys , working so hard, I think you should be in school" and we told her our story. So sShe decided to take us to an orphanage. From since Victor was 9 years, Mohammed was 5 year and Adamwas 4 year we knew how to draw. Wehad the talent, in us but we had no one to help us brigte out talents. When we were in the orphanage homw things was not going right. The staff's who worka at the home, They don't do the right thing with th\The money sent to them. So we decided to leave the home. So when the lady who took us at the orphanage came and see that things wasn't going on well and the main thing that get her upset, she did not see us at orphanage home, So she decided to look for us and she found us at the same plae we were working and she call us and took us to the police station after than she took us to chellenging heights Childten Care Center. We hope some days that God will shine and brighten out dreams and gGoals in life.