Current Location:
Zumberge Administration (JHZ) -> 2nd Floor (JHZ)
Location Notes:
JHZ; 2nd Floor; Suite 2015; Across from Rm. 2056

West Bay

GVSU Collection
circa 2013
Artworks - Height: 27.125 in Width: 18 in
A photograph of Lake MI. on a clear day. The water is so transparent that you can see hundreds of petoskey stones under the water.
Historical Context:
"Traverse City, Michigan to most is a popular summer vacation spot, however to me I know it as home. Born and raised in Traverse City, I have always adored the scenery of beaches, orchards, woods, snow-covered hills and so much more that the area has to offer. Tourist venture to the area to roam our beaches, attend festivals, shop for souvenirs downtown, but to those of us who live in Traverse City, see it as a more than just a summertime vacation destination. While tourist attractions are growing exponentially people tend to forget to immerse themselves in the stunning surroundings landscape. This year-round beauty is what I, as well as many other locals, love most about Traverse City." -Shealyn Mc'Geee