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AGS Bin Storage -> Bin 8 (AGS Storage)
Location Notes:
AGS; Bin Storage; Bin 8

Untitled- 4

GVSU Collection
Digital inkjet paper: Kodak Professional Endura- Lustra, Digital Photograph
Artworks - Height: 16 in Width: 20 in
A blurry photo of a man (not showing his head) in a blue shirt playing a cello.
Historical Context:
"Music is intangible. It is all around us, every day, engulfing us in sound - influencing our moods, actions, and way of life. With this project, I sought to capture that feeling when we hear a piece of music. I utilized the natural motion of various musicians and their instruments to tell you their tale. They come to you with varying backgrounds and an assortment of instruments, each seeking to convey a unique message. Color also plays an important part in the act of playing music. A variety of hues and shades produce different emotions, forcing you to experience a myriad of feelings. Each photograph has a diverse energy and feel. As you view each one, see if you can hear the musician playing to you." -Allyssa Allor