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Mary Idema Pew Library Learning and Information Commons -> 2nd Floor (LIB)
Location Notes:
Lib; 2nd fl., 230 Student Scholars Svc., Lobby, left of Office 230a

Growth 3

Monica Lloyd
GVSU Collection
Graphite, Marker, Vellum, Ink, Acrylic paint
circa 2013
Artworks - Height: 38.5 in Width: 50 in
Historical Context:
"There are patterns that occur throughout time, and are part of a cycle that never seems to end. This cycle moves and shifts in unexpected directions, but ends up repeating itself in a variety of ways, and throughout time. These patterns exist infinitely , on a massive, sweeping scale, as well as on a smaller, more intimate, and even microscopic scale. We see a process occurring here, with themes of creation, growth, destruction, and death. These are all events that happen repeatedly over time within the universe, and in the lives of all living beings, large and small. I am curious about the similarities between patterns that seem to be present across such broad spectrum. Why is it that these repetitions exist? What is at their root? It seems that there is nothing and there is everything? I explore these questions through drawings, where I cultivate an interaction between intricate and vast patterns. Throughout my series f drawings these interactions work together to create a more overarching cycle. I chose patterns that could be mistaken for something else; either large interactions occurring within the universe, or an infinitesimally small pattern created by cells. I use an intuitive process, where I look at each drawing as its own creation. I have come to realize that as I am drawing, I could work on each one nearly forever, adding, taking away, and allowing the forms to evole. There seams to be an infinite possibility present that is reminiscent of my curiosity about the unknown at the root of the patterns and repetitions that exist in the world. I hope to deepen this mystery of pattern and repetition, by providing a space for one to wonder and wander." - Monica Lloyd