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Divan Japonais, 1896

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
GVSU Permanent Collection
Giclée (Original in GVSU Permanent Collection)
Artworks - Height: 18.5 in Width: 23.5 in
Woman in black dress and hat in yellow chair. Man with yellow hair and cane beside her. Adhered to matboard. Published by "Les Maitres de L'Affiche", 1896
Historical Context:
Commissioned by Edouard Fournier, owner of the short-lived Montmartre night club Divan Japonais, this enigmatic poster typifies many of the stylistic changes that occurred in French art in the 1890s. Using bright colors and a jarring Japanese perspective, Toulouse-Lautrec presents a scene of both great vibrancy and subtle intrigue. In the foreground, looming large, sits the famous dancer Jane Avril accompanied by the critic Eduoard Dujardin, founder of the Revue Wagnerienne and a theoretician of symbolist art. The two sit companionably side by side with slight, knowing smiles on their lips as they observe the performance of another of Montmartre's legends, the chanteuse Yvette Guilbert who is distinguished by her trademark full-length black gloves. From the Robert L. Hoskins and Erwin A. Raible Collection of Fin de Siècle French Prints, Gift of Elaine Rutowski Shay.