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Ann Keister
GVSU Collection
Artworks - Height: 72.75 in Width: 72.75 in
Historical Context:
Ann Keister was a faculty member at Grand Valley State University and taught classes on Two-dimensional Design and Color, Design and Textiles. Keister's artwork has been displayed at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Herman Miller Company and Grand Valley State University. I strive for my images to feel original and contemporary while referencing the decorative art and architecture of the past. Using mainly vintage Japanese fabrics and some skills from other cultures, I also hope that my pieces have a timeless quality. In choosing the textile as my object I hope to make pieces that fir into the continuum of the applied arts. I do not consider the term "decorative" to be pejorative Many of my sources of inspiration come from the world of the applied and the decorative arts, I consider my most important activity as an artist to be the gestation and transformation of historic images and motifs into work the is contemporary, unique and personal to me. One of my goals is to make objects of desire that sauce the eye of the viewer with color and image and intricate technique. I want the work that I do to leave room for the viewer interpret. I deliberately strive to achieve subtlety in what I reveal about my worldview and myself - I prefer to use visual metaphors and to hint at meaning rather than to make work that the viewer cannot grasp without reading a statement. Rather, I feel that it is important for the work to have a string visual impact while retaining mysterious and intangible qualities that can hold the attention of its audience.