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Mike McDonnell: A Michigan Artist ➔ Hudson Bay Wool Blanket

Mike McDonnell
Gift of the Mike McDonnell Estate
circa 1995
Artworks - Height: 30 in Width: 20 in
A variety of objects have been arranged on a wool blanket.
Historical Context:
Dating back to ancient times, the still life image has been popular across artistic movements, cultures and periods. Most often they were painted in artist studios with a random assortment of plates, bowls, flowers, fruit and ribbons strewn about a table. While to some, Mike McDonnell’s paintings may appear to be just an odd assortment of items like any other still life, it’s in the details that makes his images unique. At times the objects are stacked, tilted and appear to be just barely balance, making the viewer question if this was painted from a real-life set-up, or completely from McDonnell’s mind. The bright colors and delicate shadowing achievable only through by applying many thing layers of watercolor paint add to the whimsical nature of his paintings. GVSU owns the largest public collection of works by Mike McDonnell, totally to over 800 (