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WSC; 3rd fl., Conference rm. 3001

The Three Graces

Teodor M. Dumitrescu
GVSU Collection
Oil on Panel
Fantastical, surreal oil painting of barren dirt field with orange/brown trees lining each side; light blue/white sky. Large flying blimp-boat tethered to anchor, half-buried in dirt. Young blonde girl in white depicted thrice in bottom half (from back to front): standing facing viewer, mid-front hand spring (facing away), landed with legs crossed and hands on hips facing away from viewer. Large, gray pelican near top center with wings spread, two fancy white cropped heels on either side of him.
Historical Context:
Teodor M. Dumitrescu is a Romanian-born artist and illustrator who currently lives and works in Riverside, California where he is the principal illustrator and designer for Sikana Publishing. On this work, he writes: "The Three Graces depicts Joy, Charm and Beauty playing in a drought ridden river bed. Floating in the middle ground is a zeppelin powered ship. The ropes that bind the ship to the ground are breaking, unable to restrain the vessel from flight. The pelican is like the ship's passengers, representing the ability to move freely on water, earth and in the air. The shoes represent being bound to the ground and are cast off after being heavily worn, to make way for the transcendent flight. The Three Graces continue to endow us with the ability to create, even in the wake of adversity".