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Current Location:
Section 42 (VS) -> Bottom Shelf (VS42)
Location Notes:
IDC; Vertical Storage; Section 42; Bottom Shelf

Lord Ganesh, ca. 2005

Artist Unknown
GVSU Collection
Giclée (Original is in the GVSU Permanent Collection)
Artworks;Artworks - Height: 19.5 in;21 in Width: 13 in;17 in
Elephant figure (Ganesh) seated center with floral border.
Historical Context:
Ganesh, the god of knowledge and wisdom, is one of the most popular gods in all of India. He brings prosperity by removing obstacles that could block the path of success. In the beginning of any undertaking and every journey, Hindus pray to Ganesh for blessings. With his human body and elephant head, he represents the microcosm and macrocosm. The elephant is a symbol of the human potential to become enlightened. A unique combination of Ganesha’s elephant head and his quick moving tiny mouse as vehicle represents tremendous wisdom, intelligence, presence of mind, and modesty. He has four hands and carries a noose as a gentle implement to capture all the difficulties, an axe to cut off the attachments, and a sweet dessert ball (laddoo) to reward for spiritual activity. The palm of his one hand is always extended to bless people. Ganesh is the elder son of Shiva and Parvati.