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Student Services Building -> 2nd Floor (STU)
Location Notes:
STU; 2nd fl., Rm. 204; Left of Room 259

“A Mosque in Cairo” by Henry Ossawa Tanner

Boston Museum of Fine Arts
GVSU Collection
Poster reproduction of original 1897 oil on canvas painting
Artworks - Height: 25 in Width: 30 in
A poster of Henry Tanner's A Mosque in Cairo. The image is done in mostly yellows and ochres. There is a large building with stripes on it ranging in tone from light yellow to a light brown. There are several people in the streets some exiting the building with white cloths on their heads. Someone sits on the steps to the Mosque with a red cloth. Two figures on the right walk up the street, they wear long dark robes.
Historical Context:
Working in France after 1891, Henry Ossawa Tanner achieved an international reputation largely through his religious paintings. Their deep spirituality reflects Tanner's upbringing as a minister's son as well as the influence of his visits to the Holy Land after 1897.