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Mary Idema Pew Library Learning and Information Commons -> 3rd Floor (LIB)
Location Notes:
LIB; 3rd fl., across from Multi-Purpose rm. 303

Outsider Art ➔ The Cow Constellation

Reb Roberts
GVSU Collection
Paint on Wood
Painted piece on wood. The background is a dark pink bordered by a dark green. The image is of a stylized cow, the cow is green with white outline. There are three white rectangular shapes representing the cow's mouth and there is a pink ring around the eye. There are multiple star shaped indentations on the pink portion. On the shape of the cow there are crescent shaped indentations.
Historical Context:
Reb Roberts is a local Grand Rapids artist who has made great strides in promoting local art in the Eastown district of Grand Rapids. He and his wife Carmel Loftis opened the Sanctuary Folk Art gallery in 1999, which works closely with Heartside Ministries to nurture the creative instincts and artistic expression of low-income and homeless people. On his work he says, "Art can be a part of a sustainable urban environment... With some true collaboration, neighborhoods and artists can work to incorporate original ideas into an art filled is the next truly urban frontier."