Current Location:
Pew Campus (Grand Rapids)
Building C (DEV) -> Richard M. DeVos Center
-> 2nd Floor (DEV; C)
Location Notes:
DEV; 2nd fl, above cubicles on left (Lisa's cube)

The Shiner

Norman Rockwell
GVSU Collection
circa 2000
Artworks - Height: 26 in Width: 24.5 in
Girl sitting on a bench in a school hallway outside the principals office in a plaid pleated school girl skirt and a collar tea shirt. There are bruises on her legs as will as a band-aid on her left knee, her outfit and hair are a mess and she has a black left eye. The door to the principals office is ajar and a man behind a desk and a woman lean against the other side of it look out towards the girl.
Historical Context:
This Norman Rockwell print was originally featured on the cover of the May 23, 1954 edition of the The Saturday Evening Post. It took three or four sessions to get the reference photographs this image just right. Model Mary Whalen recalls "The black eye was the hardest thing in that picture, it had to be just perfect." The solution for Rockwell was to copy a genuine black eye, but he was unable to find one locally. The Berkshire Eagle ran a story about his search, and when the national wire picked it up he soon had more offers than he could handle.