Current Location:
Au Sable Hall -> 2nd Floor (ASH)
Location Notes:
ASH; 2nd Floor; Across from Rm. 2145

Tussendoor: Between Time

Oil on Canvas
circa 1967
Artworks - Height: 55 in Width: 39.5 in
Organic abstract: orange, navy, yellow, ocher, cream, gray, black; mostly dark orange with cut out circle and navy curve coming out of it. Lower half yellow circle near lower left, navy zigzag with black accents and ocher background.
Historical Context:
In the late 1960s, Cyril Lixenberg developed increasingly aggressive themes in his painting. The birds in his landscapes became violent; the Golem, a clay monster from childhood stories created to defend the Jews of Prague, strode through his landscapes, attacking. Lixenberg says the aggression in his paintings was fueled by his anger toward the devastating effects of the Holocaust in Holland and toward the Vietnam War. At this time, Lixenberg grew frustrated with the ‘muddiness’ of his now aggression-filled painting. He sought greater clarity in his work using monoprints and hard-edged silkscreen prints. This transition marked a tremendous shift for Lixenberg, from gestural abstract expressionism to a form of geometric abstraction experimenting with contrasting opposites. Grand Valley currently has a large collection of Lixenberg works displayed across its campuses.