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L. William Seidman Center -> 2nd Floor (WSC)
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WSC; 2nd fl, right of Team rm. 2033

Global Thought

Liz Marchetta
GVSU Collection
Pencil and Ink on Paper
Artworks - Height: 2 ft Width: 3 ft
Large black and white ink on paper image of a map of the world filled in with words.
Historical Context:
"Through numerous travel adventures around the world, I have heard stories and unique perceptions from locals about other countries. As my interest in global connection grew, I began to questions the personal 'frame' that I place on the world. Despite how I, or others, construct thoughts about other countries we all have personal and unique views on the world around us. From this initial thought, I decided to create a simple survey to explore the discussion further. I sent the survey to over 3,000 individuals across the world ranging from teachers, students, researchers, non-profits, and other locals. The maps reveal the broad range of answers that I received back pertaining to individuals' thoughts and perceptions concerning the regions illustrated. My hope is that these maps will expand views on the world and break down frames by learning about, and contrasting others' global outlooks with our own. The survey questions corresponding with this drawing is: 'What is the first word or phrase that comes to mind when you think of each region?'" - Liz Marchetta

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