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Juego de Loterí­a (Lottery)
Current Location:
Shelf 3D (PDC) -> Posada Print Collection Box 011
Location Notes:
PDC; Section 3; Shelf D; Posada Print Collection Box 011

Juego de Loterí­a (Game of Lottery)

circa 1900
Artworks - Height: 11 in Width: 16 in
The title, "Juego de Loterí­a" means "Game of Lottery". The image is in black ink and there are borders around each small image. There are 38 squares with images and one large rectangle at the bottom with the title and publication information in it. From the top left corner the images are: star, bird, coyote, eye, moon, ram, horse, hat, (second row) rose, light, knife, dog, bullfighter, hot air balloon, scorpion, soldier, (third row) singer, devil, lizard, owl, wasp, scissors, table, shoe, (fourth row) killer, skeleton, sun, plant, rooster, rat, woman, parrot, (fifth row) skull and crossbones, anvil, printer, the title card, castle, house, donkey.