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Location Notes:
JHZ; 4th Floor; Across from Storage Rm. 4201

Sioux Star Quilt

Cotton and Polyester
Artworks - Height: 92.5 in Width: 79 in
Large quilt, white background, red, pink, and floral pieces make up star in the center, with bright pink border.
Historical Context:
The Oglala Lakota Nation presented this quilt to Mr. Paul Jorgensen on behalf of Grand Valley State University in thanks for the University's donation of computers to the Pine Ridge Reservation, SD. The Pine Ridge Reservation, composed of 2,000,000 acres, is home to approximately 29,000 Oglalas. Though economically the poorest reservation in the United States, Pine Ridge is rich in culture and natural beauty. Both the Badlands and the Black Hills, which are sacred to the Oglala Lakota people, are located here. Famous leaders such as Crazy Horse and Red Cloud were Oglala traditional leaders. Though frequently referred to as Sioux, which derives from the Chippewa word meaning "little snake" or "enemy," they prefer to be called Lakota, which means "friend" or "ally."