Current Location:
Kleiner Commons -> 2nd Floor (KLC)
Location Notes:
KLC; CLAS Tutoring; 2nd Floor; Entry near elevator

Ondine Verda, from After ArtPrize

GVSU Collection
Artworks - Height: 36 in Width: 36 in
Several different images boxed together. Most images contain a blue background with white portions interspersed. There is a large orange section in several of the images that meet up together creating a larger form.
Historical Context:
"All photography is an act of appropriation. As a photographer, I am simply appropriating the likeness of an object that I see in the real, tangible, world and framing it how I see fit on a two dimensional sheet of paper. I have struggled with this tension of making something new out of something already existing. I decided to push the limits of this tension by photographing another's artwork in small frames and piecing these images back together to form a completely new object. The pieces of art that attracted me were vibrant, filled with bright colors and strong geometrical forms. The final montages that I have created are expressions of my personality; bright, lively colors, and organized chaotic forms dominate all of the images." - Carol Dalrymple