Current Location:
L. William Seidman Center -> 1st Floor (WSC)
Location Notes:
WSC; 1st fl., across from Rm. 1008, bottom of right pillar

Red and White Tulip

Addy P. Coumou
Oil Pastel
circa 2010
Artworks - Height: 23 in Width: 17.75 in
Image of a flower with white petals, there is red from the tips of the petals that tapers to an end near the base. Dark blue background.
Historical Context:
Addy Coumou received her training at the Academy for Industrial Design Eindhoven, Textile Department, and the Art Academy St. Joost Breda, Department Monumental Painting and Design. The Parrot Tulip is central motif in her work. Coumou's "tulip fever" began when she saw the parrot tulips of the seventeenth-century painters at the Marell Henstenburg Teyler Museum in Haarlem. The fickleness of the flower and the characteristic lines made a great impression on her. Coumou enjoys working with different materials, such as these tulips, which are acrylic, oil pastel and graphite on a transparent fabric.