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Current Location:
Pew Campus (Grand Rapids) -> Richard M. DeVos Center
Location Notes:
DEV; 1st fl., Outside near Steelcase Library.

Magela - S

Cyril Lixenberg
Gift of Cyril Lixenberg
Cor-ten Steel
Artworks - Height: 211 in Width: 96 in
Two sculptures side by side. One has a web like design cut out through the center of the piece horizontally. The other has a section cut out vertically. The metal itself is orange in appearance.
Historical Context:
"The title of my monumental sculpture is "Magela - S." Its form and idea are based on the biblical story of Queen Esther, which is traditionally recorded in scroll form and read in synagogues in early spring on the Jewish holiday of Purim. The story is often read from illuminated scrolls that have meaning when read both horizontally and vertically. Although I've created memorial sculptures previously, I was unable to do so when my wife Saskia died ten years ago - it was too close to me then. But a few years ago, whilst working on new work for an exhibition, I got the inspiration to finally create a tribute to my wife."Magela" (sometimes spelled "megillah") is a Yiddish and Hebrew word that also indicates a long, detailed story or account. Although in a literal sense, this two part sculpture is unreadable in its detail, it is nevertheless my story of and for Saskia, both vertically and horizontally."

Getty Art and Architecture Thesaurus Term:
public art
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Steel sculpture, American
Public art