Current Location:
Pew Campus (Grand Rapids) -> Eberhard Center
Location Notes:
EC;OS, West Side of Blue Bridge

Chief Noahquageshik (Noonday)

Artworks - Height: 7 ft
Bronze statue of a man. He wears a feathered head band, a shirt with a sash off his left shoulder. He has boots and he is holding something in his left hand. The whole sculpture is supported by a white stone block with the man's name inscribed on it.
Historical Context:
Antonion Tobias Mednez is an American sculptor born in 1963 in Dever, Colorado. Over the years he has produced about twenty sculptures including the likenesses of monumental figures like Thurgood Marshall and Mohandas Gandhi. Chief Noonday is constructed out of bronze and stands seven feet tall. He was commisioned as a part of the Grand Rapids Community Legends Program. The goal of this initiative is to celebrate Grand Rapids history through art by intstalling twenty-five bronze sculptures of influencial figures. Cheif Noonday was choosen because he lead the Grand River Band of Ottawa Indians and had fought alongside Shawnee Chief Tecumseh. When traders arrived in the greater Grand Rapids area, the American Indian leader helped welcome new settlers.