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Hungry for Knowledge

MaryBeth Koeze
Gift of Mary Beth Koeze
Oil on Canvas
Artworks - Height: 32 in Width: 41 in
A painting of a poppy what has yet to open up fully. The petals are an orange/pink. There are two more unopened poppies to the right of the image, green leaves serve as the background.
Historical Context:
Lifelong Michigan resident and artist MaryBeth Koeze has always had a passion for image-making with pastels. Using pastels gives Koeze an ability to create vibrant colors, depth and textures within her landscape and floral scenes. On her pastel landscapes she reflects, "I am seduced by the shadows created by the sun coming in at an angle, early in the morning or late in the afternoon. This light abstracts shapes with shapes and color within color. The forms, pattern, textures, tensions and color excite my eye. Using pastels or paint I push and pull working for the balance that registers the emotional pull of the subject matter."

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oil paint
oil painting
oil paintings