Current Location:
Lake Huron Hall -> 1st Floor (LHH)
Location Notes:
LHH; 1st Floor; Right of Study Room 107

Strange Flight

Matt Nesbary
GVSU Collection
Digital Composition
Artworks - Height: 30.5 in Width: 41.25 in
Piece depicting a fantastic landscape. On the left there is a plane with holes in it flying towards the right. Running through the landscape of clouds is a large dark line. Extending out from the dark space are large red and blue ribbons. In the background there is a large dark building extending from the space, a large mountain is next to it.
Historical Context:
Local Muskegon, Michigan artist Matt Nesbary explores a variety of mediums in his artwork, including illustration, painting, and digital designs. The scenes he creates always seem larger than life, delicately balancing fantasy and reality. On his own work he states; "The theme of most of my artwork is exploration of the imagination. My paintings are a mix of familiar images and abstract brush strokes. I focus on giving each painting its own unique look and feel... Painting is a way for me to share my imagination with the world. My goal is to make paintings that are entertaining and engaging."

Getty Art and Architecture Thesaurus Term:
digital images