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AGS Bin Storage -> Bin 17 (AGS Storage)
Location Notes:
AGS Storage; Bin Storage 17

Strange Flight

Matt Nesbary
GVSU Collection
Digital Composition
Artworks - Height: 30.5 in Width: 41.25 in
Piece depicting a fantastic landscape. On the left there is a plane with holes in it flying towards the right. Running through the landscape of clouds is a large dark line. Extending out from the dark space are large red and blue ribbons. In the background there is a large dark building extending from the space, a large mountain is next to it.
Historical Context:
Matt Nesbary is an American artist who received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Adrian College in Michigan in 2010, and specializes in painting and graphic and t-shirt design. On his work he states: "The theme of most of my artwork is exploration of the imagination. My paintings are a mix of familiar images and abstract brush strokes. I focus on giving each painting its own unique look and feel... Painting is a way for me to share my imagination with the world. My goal is to make paintings that are entertaining and engaging."

Getty Art and Architecture Thesaurus Term:
digital images