Current Location:
Allendale Campus -> Thomas J. and Marcia J. Haas Center for Performing Arts
Location Notes:
PAC; across from 1200 on yellow

Don't Add Too Much Salt

Katlyn Carlson
Gift of the Artist
Oil on Canvas
Artworks - Height: 6 ft Width: 7 ft
Scene of a girl asleep on a sheep watched by a skeleton with snow falling.
Historical Context:
"In this current work, I am going through the processes of exploring my materials, ideas, and slightly odd imagery. Paint has been my primary art material since I was a child. We have an abusive relationship: I give it all my love and attention, and at times bring me physical and emotional pain. But I keep coming back to it because paint give my images the marks, layers and colors that they need. When perturbed at such a tiresome material I move on to drawing, books, and found objects. The books have textures and a quality I can't create and also contain information that fuels my brainstorming and influences the paintings. I have found that paint and the formal qualities involved in making a painting aren't interesting enough for me. What is really interesting are the ideas I put into the work." -Katlyn Carlson

Getty Art and Architecture Thesaurus Term:
oil painting