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DEV; Building D; 1st fl., Across from Rm. 111D

Inside Out, Cross Gender Children: Dionne

Sarah Wong
GVSU Collection
Digital Photograph
2005 – 2009
Artworks - Height: 30 in Width: 40 in
Three separate images of the same girl in a row. The first is of the girl with blonde curls standing in a ballerina pose. The second is of the girl standing in-between two older boys while holding a stuffed animal. The third image is a close of up the girl with longer hair wearing a white collared shirt.
Historical Context:
"Gender-dysphoric children are searching from the depths of their being for a new identity. But how, as a photographer, can you show with any subtlety that girls are physically boys and vice versa?“ - Sarah Wong In this group of work, the artist is drawn to idealistic and delicate subjects that demand a very positive approach. In the Dutch daily newspaper "De Volkskrant," Sarah published a striking series of portraits in 2003 of cross-gender children titled ˜Inside Out." The portraits were published to make people aware and to inform them about this vulnerable group.