Christopher Michael Scamehorn

Life Dates:
b. 1979
Artist Biography:
"My work is influenced by geology and the natural curiosities that occur within my environment. Through researching the local geology of Southern Illinois and locating clay, I have utilized it within the work I create. For myself, this is the foundation of the ceramics process, which has created a strong connection between myself and the environments that I derive my ideas from. One of the most interesting curiosities that I came across,while studying at SIUC, were the 'knees' of the cypress tree around campus lake. Their other-worldly appearance had an intriguing quality that I wanted to capture. From various studies of installing my 'human-made' knees, along with the natural cypress knees, my understanding of their spirit grew. The 'artificial nature' of this work is reflective of the environment. The cypress trees are not native to the area and the lake was human-made, yet there seems to be harmony and balance at play. It was this spirit that I derived from my studies and infused it within my most recent body of work, 'The Space Between Us'." -Christopher Michael Scamehorn