H.C. Westerman

Life Dates:
1922 – 1981
Artist Biography:
One of the first artists I worked with at Landfall Press, Cliff was a truly unique individual. Known for his sculptures of finely crafted wood, Cliff addressed large themes in his work, like death, love and the American way of life. Here we see The Lost Planet from a series of prints produced at Landfall in the early 1970’s. Being from a small town in Northeastern Ohio my early experiences at Landfall were eye opening. It was definitely an experience working with Cliff. I remember while proofing one of the colors for Cliff’s print, I looked over to see a pair of feet go by. Cliff was relaxing by walking around the shop on his hands. In the past he had worked in a circus and learned how to be an acrobat, so he still liked to practice from time to time. The Lost Planet is the first print to bear my personal “chop” mark. Traditionally printers would blind emboss their mark into the edge of the paper on each print as away of identifying themselves as the printer. My mark consists of the first letters of my name.

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