Gary Kulak

Life Dates:
Artist Biography:
Gary Kulak received his B.F.A. from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield and his M.F.A. from Hunter College in New York City. Kulak's small and large-scale sculptural works that are represented on campus feature a linear form with absent components that the viewer is urged to complete with their own mental effort. Artist's Statement: This body of work dates from 1994 to 2006. During this period of time I have experienced tremendous change both privately and publicly, influencing and informing the work. The exploration of self and other, integration, closure, and alignment interface with the spirit at significant points in time and space. The alignments within the set high chair works evolve as a random expression of difference that find a mathematical orientation by chance. I do not know if these alignments are sublimated in my mind or are simply chance operations. The evolution of the talking heads, continue to exist as a gestalt with varying interpretive expressions. The optical relationship of color in the recent works creates a polarized field. Space appears to be active as color creates an illusion of space between the parts. The mind works to simplify the space and make connections in order to comprehend the image. One drifts between each part experiencing a state of mental awareness. For one to see this work as ones self, simply engage in a mirroring experience. Ones dialogue with the work is both private and public depending on the limitations the viewer places on the self.