William Henry Jackson

individual, ENTITY.2542
Artist Biography:
From the W.H. Jackson Photograph & Publishing Co. of Denver, Colorado. "Born in Keeseville, in upstate New York, on April 4, 1843, In September 1862, at 19, Jackson joined the Union Army, where his drawing and painting talent gained him work drawing maps and sketches of fortifications." He was contracted with the Hayden survey group by Geologist Ferdinand V Hayden in 1870. The goal with to survey the Wyoming territory. His next survey was in Yellowstone in July of 1871. In 1879 he set up a studio in Denver CO. "Jackson died on June 30, 1942, at age 99, and was buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D. C. Having spent his early career creating powerful images that conveyed a true sense of the beauty and size of the West, a huge achievement, William Henry Jackson late in his life became a willing promoter of the myths of western action, adventure and romance. During his lifetime he sold thousands of prints, provided a library of images to the U.S. government under the auspices of what became the United States Geological Survey, and was profiled in such major photography magazines as The Philadelphia Photographer, Wilson's Photographic Magazine, The Photographic World and Anthony's Photographic Bulletin. The Rand McNally Company also published his photos in their early guidebooks."