Theo Zasche

individual, ENTITY.2491
Life Dates:
1862 – 1922
Artist Biography:
“As the memory of a sunny Viennese past fades away, the viewer should review these enclosed sketchbooks. They are the life’s work of Theo Zache’s, the Viennese master who died too early. During the prewar period he was active in Viena’s social scene. He was a painter for a countess, adviser of the aristocratic charity festivals and a popular figure among the artistic community. Although he drew illustrations of political satire he had a reputation for being a kind and agreeable man. Women in particular appreciated how he drew them, removing signs of aging from their likeness. When the war started he continued creating political cartoons. Every Sunday his work was published in "Volks-Zeitung”. He delighted his audience with commentary on world history and contemporary events, he also was known to “played pranks” on the strict war censorship. He was considered by readers to be the illustrator of the joyful hope of victory, the comforter at the time of the Niederbrunches and with his jokes he helped them during the bitter times of the war. In the summer of 1923, Theo Zache was honored with a memorial exhibition. The portfolio contains the most significant drawings of Theo Zasche. His prewar period with the happy-laughing Vienna with its graceful female figures along with the bitter political satire and the war caricatures from the post war period. In the fifty pages of portraits you can find almost all of the popular personalities of vienna theater and society. The decades long career of this master could only be outlined here, but the fifty sheets give a unique view of the artist. Those who own copies of his work can boast that they own a memory of a shining, happy, laughing Vienna. Alfred- German”