Mary Stewart Rose

individual, ENTITY.2453
Artist Biography:
I was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Brookmart on a bluff overlooking the C&O canal and the little falls of the Potomac River. Beauty was everywhere....inside and our. My father's and my Grandmother's paintings hung in the house. What did you do for recreation? You took your miniature Windsor Newton watercolors and your #2 Sable brush and went out to find a beautiful spot to paint. I went to Cornell College in Iowa and graduated with a BA and a minor in Art. I continued school and work at the Art Institute of Chicago- especially loving etching and lithography. The next 10 years I taught kindergarten in Chicago- 6 of which I taught art on closed circuit TV for grade school children. Also taught in service programs for teachers and did all the art work for the TV station. When my son was born I opened a store called "Home Made Goods." I made everything- stuffed toys, wooden puzzles, beads, clothes, purses and silver jewelry. Within 3 years, I started a decorative rubber stamp company, yarn business, and an antique paper gallery. We sold matted old advertisements, calendars and prints. Even though I owned my own gallery- I had no time to paint. I came to Beaver Island July 4, 1979, stayed one day and decided to move. I began painting during the winter to sell at the Toy Museum in the summer. I enjoy every frameable art form from collage to straight watercolors. I have loved every minute of my flexible life on this beautiful island- and shall continue.