Louis Haghe

individual, ENTITY.2253
Artist Biography:
Capturing the nuances of color and detail from a drawing onto a lithograph stone is not a light undertaking. Belgian artist, Louis Haghe had built a well-respected reputation as a lithographer who could transfer the feel of an artist's work to a finished lithograph. When David Roberts returned from his Middle East travels and contacted F.G. Moon as his publisher, Roberts instead on hiring Louis Haghe to produce the lithographs; Haghe worked from Roberts' drawings and watercolors and meticulously reproduced each image onto stone. Although the images are by David Roberts, the actual lines and tones of the prints are Haghe's and because the lithographer was such an integrated part of the artwork Haghe's name as well as Roberts' is on each print produced. Haghe was a master at understanding how to use advanced techniques to bring out various tones, shades and textures from the stones. He was a pioneer in the early years of lithography, and is credited with developing and perfecting the technique known as "doublet tintstone lithography". This process involved using a second stone with the same image using a different ink color, often a shade of tan. The process was extremely time consuming and in the highest quality of prints full color was still applied by hand.