Maggie Bandstra

individual, ENTITY.2236
Life Dates:
b. 1970
Artist Biography:
Exploring the relationships between color inspires me to push paint around and explore its possibilities. I look for unusual shapes in the visual stimulus around me. On a walk around my home, on vacation or even the visual information, others share on social media can play a role in my work. Anything I see can spark my interest and then it is off. An obsession is born. I tend to get hyper-focused on subjects that spark my interest. My media is primarily pottery and oil painting, but I am always interested in developing new skills with other media. I use traditional methods of stretching my canvas and decorating my pots with waxes and glazes. Throwing pots and painting are energizing activities for me. I need to create. It keeps me balanced. In 1993, while teaching in a stressful environment, I began taking pottery classes. Working with clay to create something tangible filled a need to see immediate results from my work. From my first encounter in 1993 until 2010, creating had been a rewarding hobby. Until 2010, the little art I was able to make was given to friends, family, and shown in my local co-op gallery. In 2010 my studio was complete, and my practice has developed into what you see today. In 2015 I began organizing group shows most of them are POP-UP, one-day art shows. The mission of these shows is to bring artists, community organizations and businesses together through art. I am currently enrolled in SCAD's MFA in painting program and teach art full time for Hudsonville Public Schools. My Home and studio are in Grand Haven Mi where I reside with my husband and son. ‚Äč

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