Jo-Ann P. VanReeuwyk

individual, ENTITY.2208
Life Dates:
b. 1955
Canadian American
Artist Biography:
My pieces are essentially related to vessel making and containment. They are also self-portraits or intimate portrayals of personalities I am contemplating and care deeply about. I find myself exploring relationships, embodiment and containment, important aspects of the personal. Often pieces are deliberately created to portray a veiling or a disguising. Many layers are added. Just as our personalities are multi-dimensional, and just as we need to peel away layers to discover the true essence of someone or something, these pieces reflect complexity. However, while peeling away layers can be a wonderful process of discovery, in reality these layers also serve as protection, in an attempt to be allusive or to hide. They cannot be peeled away very easily. I tend to work in series that I return to: Cocoons; Thorns and Quills (responses to disturbing world events); Vestures (veiling and my interest in women and events of the middle east); Zip (family, embodiment and women’s roles); Nature (our positive or negative imprint) and Spirituality. I also explore alternative materials. Some are ancient, some contemporary. Some have served to create clothing and containers in ways that are totally respectful of nature and our world. These alternative materials can be strong yet fragile in appearance. They are ethereal and transparent, a contrast to the veiling and opaqueness of earlier materials. All pieces continue to explore the notions of vessel, embodiment and containment.