Gary Day

individual, ENTITY.2144
Life Dates:
b. 1950
Artist Biography:
Printmaking and computer animation do have a lot in common. I have made prints since the early 1970’s and worked with computer generated imagery since the mid 1980’s. I find that the overlap of technologies is often the most rewarding area to explore. In gallery situations I often exhibit prints and animations in the same visual space for a more interactive viewing experience. The impetus for my work is the interplay of media and electronic technologies with perception and forms of visualizing information. Since 1994 I have done several projects that explored eccentric bodies of knowledge, modes of information display, and recent developments in visual perception and neuroscience. For computer generated imaging I use animation programs and game engines to produce environments and short animations. The print mediums capable of capturing the level of detail present in the virtual constructions are digital printing and copperplate photogravure. I have found that wide format digital printers can be used in the same manner as a traditional press to produce prints that are similar in quality to hand printed editions.

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