Emerson Schreiner

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I am a painter, drawer, sand-sculptor, and graduate of the University of Michigan school of Art and Design. I like to hop from place to place, make new friends and see new things. I participated in the 2012 Art Prize as an assistant for Lucinda Wierenga's giant sand sculpture "A Garden of Unearthly Delights" (We made the top 50!), but this year am hoping to show my 2-D work. I think Art Prize is an amazing event and I look forward to participating once more and seeing the incredible work that it always pulls together. Emerson Schreiner is a painter and sand sculptor who splits his time between Grand Rapids, MI, and South Padre Island, TX, and wherever else his job as a professional sand sculptor takes him. Schreiner grew up in Holland, MI, where he discovered his passion for creativity at a young age. Since graduating from the University of Michigan in 2012, he has traveled extensively participating in, among other adventures, artist residencies in Vermont, British Columbia, and Iceland. He now lives in Grand Rapids with his partner and two cats.