Larry Kirkwood

Life Dates:
b. 1943
Artist Biography:
Artist Statement: The Body Image Project, started in late 1993, utilizes art to show what we, as human beings, really do look like. It consists of finished casts taken directly from a person's body. The endgame is to change the way we look at ourselves and the way we perceive others. It affirms the fact that, the way we look physically is "okay." If change needs to occur, it is from the inside out and not the reverse. For many in our society, our body image or outside appearance has become a key factor in determining our "self-worth." Untold numbers of people feel that they are worth less as a person if they do not measure up to an arbitrary standard, referred to as, "the image." That standard is based on a false premise and is taking away people's self-esteem, to the detriment of all of society. Dealing with reality doesn't seem to be the problem - it is our perception of what is real that is creating the dilemma. Certain corporations are spending billions of dollars a year to redefine the concepts of "beauty" and "self-worth" and subsequently, what is "real." The goal is to encourage dissatisfaction and even "self-hatred," which can only be remedied by purchasing products that, "make you better."

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