Larry Welo

individual, ENTITY.2310
Artist Biography:
Larry Welo is a Minneapolis-based artist who has been involved in printmaking since 1971. His specialty has been multiple-color etchings, in which he handles his colors subtly to achieve a pastel-like effect. Much of his subject matter is made up of simple neighborhood scenes, often infused with a mixture of quiet and mystery. The essential black and white of his etchings is highlighted by soft blues in the sky or oranges in roofs or at horizon lines. A muted green is used for vegetation, and yellow or pinkish tones for for electric light in night scenes. He seldom goes beyond four colors in addition to black and white, and his restrained use of those colors adds to the originality of his images. The etching above contains only a diffused yellow, to create the sort of atmosphere generated by street light in the evening. Welo's form tends to emerge from his fascination with the interlocking geometry of buildings, objects, nature, light, and shadow. It is this formal rigor that holds back the sentimental impression that otherwise might be given by such scenes.