Sue Ackerman

Artist Biography:
"I have spent the past four months creating images of Bard To Go, a theater troupe producing Macbeth, a play that causes bad luck if named in a theater. Bard To Go is part of Grand Valley's Shakespeare Festival and enacts the main parts of a performance, cutting down the run-time of the play to a fraction of its usual duration. This Troupe travels to multiple middle and high schools as learning opportunities for the students, who learn about theater. The students interact with the troupe, posing questions and sparking their curiosities about plays. As a duo major in Theater and Photography, I am combining my majors to document this production from the initial stages through showtime! I have fourteen years worth of experience working in theater and productions and I wish to illustrate to the observer how a play is brought to life. The long, hard work invested behind the scenes to produce the show is only briefly viewed by the audience during the final performance on the stage.