Long Jack Phillipus Tjakamarra

Artist Biography:
Long Jack Phillipus Tjakamarra is a Loritja tribesman who was born at Kalipinpa (north of Papunya) in c. 1932. He was among the first Aboriginal men to paint on canvas under Geoffrey Bardon's influence in the 1970's, and has painted intermittently since then. He is married to Georgette Napaltjari and they have two sons, three daughters, and many grandchildren. Long Jack is highly respected elder in the Papunya Community. He has a strong influence on the young people in maintaining their traditional ways. In 1983 Long Jack won the NT Golden Jubilee Art Award and in 1984 he won the Alice Springs Art Prize, he was also ordained as a Lutheran Pastor. Long Jack's work is represented in many major Australian galleries and collections including; Homes a Court, National Gallery of Victoria, Art Gallery of WA, Art Gallery of SA, Art Gallery of NSW, University of WA Anthropology Museum, Museums and Art Galleries of NT, and others.